MikroTik SwitchOS 2.16 Stable Çıktı

MikroTik Switch Ailesini kullanan arkadaşlar için güzel haberim var, son çıkan sürümde özellikle IGMP versiyon seçme, SFP rate seçimi, SFP+ portların 2.5G veya 10G seçimi zorlayabiliyoruz. Ayrıca yeni cihazlar içinde destek eklendi.


Değişiklik Günlüğü

What's new in v2.16:

*) added support for CRS310-1G-5S-4S+IN/OUT; CRS310-8G+2S+IN
*) added notification when Primary backup firmware is in use
   and encourage moving to Secondary regular firmware;
*) added confirmation dialog before resetting configuration;
*) added support for board-specific backup filename generation;
*) added SNMP serial number and version OIDs;
*) added option to disable IGMP querier;
*) added option to specify IGMP version;
*) added support for host table sorting;
*) added Clear All/Set Default buttons in the Port Isolation menu;
*) added options to set forced 2.5G or forced 10G for SFP+ ports;
*) added support for SFP rate select;
*) added support for pages in the host table;
*) css106: fixed Ethernet disable;
*) css106: fixed BPDU receive on only-tagged VLAN ports;
*) css106: fixed "Lock On First" setting;
*) css106: fixed RSTP port blocking;
*) css106: improved system stability;
*) crs312: fixed linking after changing auto-negotiation setting for combo ports;
*) crs354: added missing health readouts;
*) crs3xx: improved packet buffer resource allocation;
*) fixed duplicate IGMP query packets when IGMP snooping is enabled;
*) fixed multicast forwarding after disabling IGMP snooping;
*) fixed non-DHCP packet forwarding when Option82 is enabled;
*) fixed neighbor discovery from WinBox;
*) fixed port numbering in BPDU packets;
*) fixed packet forwarding after disabling RSTP on blocked port;
*) fixed IGMP group removal on link down;
*) fixed DHCP packet bypass on LAG by "Add Information Option";
*) fixed fragmented packet drops by "Add Information Option";
*) fixed DHCP request duplication when using DHCP Snooping;
*) fixed DHCP packet forwarding to untrusted ports;
*) fixed forbidden deletion of Default VLAN ID;
*) fixed SNMP ifSpeed OID reporting in certain cases;
*) fixed incorrectly restored backup configuration in some cases;
*) fixed S-RJ01 false detection as multi-mode fiber;
*) fixed SFP+ interface linking after enabling autonegotiation;
*) fixed QSFP+ interface linking after re-enabling it;
*) improved SwOS web interface stability and responsiveness;
*) increased up to 64 byte SNMP Community/Contact/Info/Location;

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