MikroTik RouterOS 7.15beta8 Çıktı

Severek Kullandığımız MikroTik RouterOS yeni beta sürümü çıktı. Yeni sürümde wifi stabilitesi ve bridge tarafında önemli iyileştirmeler içeriyor.


Değişiklik listesi

What's new in 7.15beta8 (2024-Mar-21 09:12):

*) bridge - added MVRP support;
*) bridge - improved protocol-mode STP, RSTP and MSTP stability; 
*) bridge - reworked dynamic VLAN creation;
*) certificate - added support for different ACME servers for ssl-certificate (CLI only);
*) console - fixed DHCP server "authoritative=no" configuration export;
*) console - improved stability;
*) container - do not allow negative number for "ram-high" setting;
*) defconf - do not override default DHCP server lease time;
*) disk - improved system stability when adding partition with no parent;
*) eap - improved eap-peap, eap-mschap2 client authentication (dot1x/wireless/ipsec);
*) ethernet - fixed interface disable for CRS326-4C+20G+2Q;
*) ethernet - improved port speed downshift functionality for CRS326-4C+20G+2Q;
*) fetch - changed topic "info" to "error" for permission denied logs;
*) fetch - fixed slow throughput due to "raw" logging which occurred even when not listening to the topic (introduced in v7.13);
*) file - fixed moving files to/from external storage (introduced in v7.15beta4);
*) health - added "cpu-temperature" for IPQ50xx devices; 
*) health - fixed fan behavior for CRS310-1G-5S-4S+ (introduced in v7.14);
*) health - fixed rogue voltage on CRS510-8XS-2XQ-IN;
*) leds - fixed LEDs for L22 device;
*) lte - fixed firmware upgrade not found issue for Chateau LTE12 (introduced in v7.15beta4);
*) media - added support for DLNA;
*) metarouter - removed support;
*) netinstall - improved stability;
*) ovpn - fixed import ovpn config when remote port is missing;
*) package - reduced "wireless" package size for ARM, ARM64 devices;
*) package - reduced package size for SMIPS;
*) ppp - added "enable-ipv6-accounting" option under PPP AAA menu (CLI only);
*) ppp - added addition support to monitor modem registration state, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, PCI, CellID for BG77 modem;
*) qos-hw - fixed port "print stats/usage" when using "from" property; 
*) quicksest - only show LTE mode for devices without other wireless interfaces;
*) route - rework of route attributes;
*) route-filter - allow setting different AFI gateways;
*) sfp - fixed "sfp-tx-fault" state indication for CRS510;
*) sfp - improved auto-negotiation linking for some MikroTik cables and modules;
*) sfp - improved system stability with some GPON modules for CCR2004 and CCR2116 devices;
*) socks - attempt to parse domain name as IP before resolving;
*) ssh - require "policy" user policy when adding public key;
*) system - fixed upgrade for CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS (introduced in v7.15beta6);
*) system - updated office address in RouterOS license;
*) system - updated online manual links from "wiki" to the help documentation;
*) timezone - updated timezone information from "tzdata2024a" release;
*) traffic-flow - improved system stability;
*) webfig - allow pasting with ctrl+v into terminal;
*) webfig - fixed column preferences for ordered tables;
*) wifi - changed interface default to "disabled=yes";
*) wifi - improve regulatory compliance for L11, L22 devices;
*) wifi - improved stability of DFS check in the 5GHz-A band;
*) wifi - improved system stability when provisioning CAPs in certain cases;
*) wifi - show inherited properties with "print" command (replaces "actual-configuration") and added "print config" for showing only configured values;
*) winbox - fixed the issue where the skin file fails to appear in the user group menu after creation;
*) winbox - updated icons for WireGuard and ZeroTier menus;
*) wireguard - added option to mark peer as responder only (CLI only);
*) wireless - perform shorter channel availability check for 5600-5650MHz if regulatory domain permits it;
*) x86 - improved stability for RTL8125 driver;
*) x86/chr - improved panic saving (increased minimal RAM requirements to 256MB);

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