Linkedin Microsoft Excel Assessment Cevapları

Soru 1: When using Goal Seek, you can find a target result by varying _ at most.

  • one input
  • two inputs
  • three inputs
  • four inputs

Soru 2: Which two functions check for the presence of numerical or nonnumerical characters in cells?


Soru 3: If you drag the fill handle (lower-right corner) of cell A2 downward into cells A3, A4, and A5, what contents will appear in those cells?

  • Jan, Jan, Jan
  • Feb, Mar, blank cell
  • Feb, Mar, Apr

Soru 4: If cell A3 contains the text THE DEATH OF CHIVALRY, what will the function =PROPER(A3) return?

  • the death of chivalry
  • The death of Chivalry
  • The Death Of Chivalry

Soru 5: If the worksheet below, you want to use Data > Subtotal to show a subtotal value per sport. What must you do BEFORE applying the Subtotal function?

  • Sort by the data in Column E.
  • Format the data in Column D.
  • Sort by the data in Column D.
  • Format the data in Column E.

Soru 6: When editing a cell, what do you press to cycle between relative, mixed, and absolute cell references?

  • Alt+F4 (Windows) or Option+F4 (Mac)
  • The F4 (Windows) or Command+T (Mac)
  • Ctrl+Shift+4 (Windows) or Command+Shift+4 (Mac)
  • Alt+Shift+4 (Windows) or Option+Shift+4 (Mac)

Soru 7: You need to add a line chart showing a sales trends over the last 12 months and you have only a little space to work with. How can you convey the required information within a single cell?

  • Add an image of the chart to a comment.
  • Add a hyperlink to another worksheet that displays a chart when clicked.
  • Add a sparkline, a graphic that summarizes data visually within a single worksheet cell.
  • Add an image of the chart to the worksheet.

Soru 8: What is the best way to activate the Excel Help system?

  • Right-click anywhere and select Help.
  • Press F10.
  • all of these answers.
  • Press F1 or click the Help tab in the ribbon.

Soru 9: Which format will display the value 27,500,000 as 27.5?

  • ##,###,,
  • ###.0,,
  • 999.9,,
  • ###,###.0,

Soru 10: Some of your data in Column C is displaying as hashtags (#) because the column is too narrow. How can you widen Column C just enough to show all the data?

  • Double-click the vertical boundary between columns C and D.
  • Right-click column C and select Best-Fit.
  • Double-click column C.
  • Right-click column C, select Format Cells, and then select Best-Fit.

Soru 11: A cell contains the value 7.877 and you want it to display as 7.9. How can you accomplish this?

  • Use the ROUND() function.
  • Click the Decrease Decimal button twice.
  • In the cells group on the Home tab, click Format > Format Cells. Then cick the Alignment tab and select Right Indent.
  • Click the Decrease Decimal button once.

Soru 12: In the image below, which option(s) can you select so that the appropriate field headers appear in cells A4 and B3 instead of the terms Row Labels and Column Labels, respectively?

  • Show in Tabular Form
  • Show in Compact Form
  • Show in Compact For or Show in Outline Form
  • Show in Tabular Form or Show in Outline Form

Soru 13: The AutoSum formulas in the range C9:F9 below return unexpected values. Why is this?

  • The AutoSum formulas refer to the column to the left of their cells.
  • The AutoSum formulas include the year at the top of each column in the calculation.
  • The AutoSum formulas exclude the bottom row of data.
  • The AutoSum formulas include their own cells, creating a circular reference.

Soru 14: Which function returns the largest value in the range H2:H30?

  • =MAX(H2:H30)
  • =MAXIMUM(H2:H30)
  • =LARGE(H2:H30,29)
  • =UPPER(H2:H30,1)

Soru 15: Which formula returns the value in cell A1 of the worksheet named MySheet?

  • =MySheet_A1
  • =MySheet&A1
  • =MySheet!A1
  • =MySheet@A1

Soru 16: Which formula correctly counts the number of numeric values in both B4:E4 and G4:I4?

  • =COUNT(B4:E4&G4:I4)
  • =COUNT(B4:E4,G4:I4)
  • =COUNT(B4:I4)
  • =COUNT(B4:E4 G4:I4)

Soru 17: You want to apply subtotals per sport in the data below. What should you do before applying subtotals?

  • Format the data in column E.
  • Sort the data in column E.
  • Format the data in column D.
  • Sort the data in column D.

Soru 18: Which format setting does not change the background appearance of a cell?

  • Cell style
  • Fill color
  • Pattern style
  • Font color

Soru 19: You need to determine the commission earned by each Sales Rep, based on the Sales amounts in B3:B50 and the Commission rate specified in cell A1. You want to enter a formula in C3 and copy it down to C50. Which formula should you use?

18.5%2018 Commission
2Sales Rep2018 SalesComenion Earned
3Jordan Hinton$123,938.00
4Lilah Douglas5594,810.00
5Karyn Reese$235,954.00
6Chiquita Walsh$684,760.00
  • =$A1*B3
  • =$A$1*B3
  • =A1*$B3
  • =A1*B3

Soru 20: Your worksheet has the value 27 in cell B3. What value is returned by the function =MOD (B3,6)?

  • 4
  • 3
  • 1
  • 5

Soru 21: Which format setting does not change the background appearance of a cell?

  • Fill color
  • Font Color
  • Pattern Style
  • Cell Style

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