MikroTik RouterOS 7.15beta9 Çıktı

Severek Kullandığımız MikroTik RouterOS yeni beta sürümü çıktı. Yeni sürümde winbox üzerinde daha çok işlem yapabileceğiz, bridge mod için MVRP desteği eklendi, wifi-qcom sürücüsü güncellendi ve wireguard’da yaşanan performans sorunu giderildi.


Backup: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vi7mqk3npgmpjtv/MikroTik-RouterOS-7.15beta9-all.rar/file

Değişiklik listesi

What's new in 7.15beta9 (2024-Mar-27 21:55):

*) bgp - added initial vpnv6 support;
*) bridge - added MVRP support;
*) console - added "sanitize-names" property under "/console/settings" menu (option for replacing reserved characters with underscores for files, disabled by default);
*) console - added multi-line print in "/file" menu; 
*) console - remove unnecessary serial ports for Alpine CPUs;
*) defconf - fixed 5ghz-ax channel width for L11, L22 devices;
*) dhcpv4-relay - added VRF support (CLI only);
*) eap - improved eap-peap, eap-mschap2 client authentication (dot1x/wireless/ipsec);
*) health - fixed missing "cpu-temperature" on IPQ-60xx devices (introduced in v7.15beta8);
*) ipv6 - properly initialize default ND "interface=all" entry;
*) media - added support for DLNA;
*) ppp - added "enable-ipv6-accounting" option under PPP AAA menu (CLI only);
*) ppp - fixed "Framed-IPv6-Pool" usage when received from RADIUS;
*) ppp - fixed reporting of frame error rate (introduced in v7.15beta8);
*) qos-hw - added "profile" and "map" support for CPU port;
*) qos-hw - added per-queue traffic shapers (CLI only);
*) sfp - added "100M-baseFX" link mode support for compatible devices;
*) sms - removed SMS for SMIPS;
*) system - general work on optimizing the size of RouterOS packages;
*) system - show "cpu-frequency" for Alpine CPUs;
*) vlan - added MVRP (applicant) configuration option;
*) wifi - added "reselect-interval" support;
*) wifi - rename "available-channels" parameter to "channel-priorities" and include desirability rating for each channel;
*) wifi - report current CAPsMAN address and identity on CAP;
*) wifi-qcom - added configuration.distance setting to enable operation over multi-kilometer distances (CLI only);
*) wifi-qcom - updated driver;
*) winbox - added key type and key length column for user SSH keys;
*) winbox - added passphrase option for SSH host key export;
*) winbox - added passphrase option for SSH host key import;
*) winbox - allow specifying size and rtmpfs size with M, G units under "System/Disks" menu;
*) winbox - do not show "Host Key Size" when using ed25519 key under "IP/SSH" menu;
*) winbox - renamed "Channel" column to "Current Channel" under "Wifi" menu;
*) winbox - show inherited properties for wifi interfaces;
*) winbox - updated icons for certain menus;
*) wireguard - added option to mark peer as responder only;
*) wireguard - fixed performance issues showing QR code;

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