MikroTik RouterOS 7.15beta6 Çıktı

Severek Kullandığımız MikroTik RouterOS yeni beta sürümü çıktı. Özellikle CHR sürümünü etkileyen ve sanallaştırmayla birlikte kullanılan yerlerde ethernetleri görmeme ve sistem başlarken yazdırılan hatalı mesajlar düzeltilmiş.


Değişiklik listesi

What's new in 7.15beta6 (2024-Mar-08 08:23):

*) certificate - added support for importing pbes2 encrypted private keys with aes128;
*) chr - fixed bogus messages printed out while booting up the system (introduced in v7.14);
*) chr - fixed Xen and Vultr missing ethernet (introduced in v7.14);
*) ethernet - fixed default names for CRS310-8G+2S+ device (introduced in v7.14);
*) lte - make interface persistent (unused interface configs can be removed, allow to export and examine current configuration without the device present);
*) package - reduced package size for SMIPS;
*) poe-out - improved firmware upgrade stability for AF/AT controlled boards;
*) qos-hw - added congestion avoidance support for 98DX8xxx, 98DX4xxx, 98DX325x switch chips (CLI only);
*) qos-hw - added WRED support for compatible switches;
*) route - rework of route attributes;
*) sfp - improved system stability for CR2004-1G-2XS-PCIe (introduced in v7.14);
*) ssh - added passphrase option for host key import;
*) vrf - fixed VRF interfaces being moved to main table after reboot (introduced in v7.14);
*) wifi-qcom - improved regulatory compliance for L11, L22 devices;
*) wireguard - added peer "name" field and display it in logs;
*) wireguard - do not attempt to connect to peer without specified endpoint-address;

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