MikroTik RouterOS 7.13.5 Stable Çıktı

Severek Kullandığımız MikroTik RouterOS yeni Stable sürümü çıktı. Önemli değişiklikleri içermekte ve DoH üzerinde yaşanan kitlenme sorunlarını çözmektedir.


Değişiklik listesi

Notice - Starting from RouterOS version 7.13, significant changes have been made to the RouterOS wireless packages. This is done due to a new product development which will require more disk space for hardware drivers so we had to split it in order to maintain old products alongside the new ones. More wireless packages are yet to come.

1. When upgrading by using "check-for-updates", all versions earlier than 7.12 will display 7.12 as the latest available version. Upgrade from v7.12 to v7.13 or later versions must be done through 7.12 in order to convert wireless packages automatically. Fresh installation with Netinstall or manual package installation works in the same manner as always.

2. Drivers for older wireless and 60GHz interfaces, as well as the wireless management system CAPsMAN, are now part of a separate "wireless" package instead of being a part of the bundle package. This package can be uninstalled if not needed.

3. The existing "wifiwave2" package has been divided into distinct packages: "wifi-qcom" and "wifi-qcom-ac", and the necessary utilities for WiFi management are now included in the RouterOS bundle. RouterOS and "wifi-qcom-ac" packages alongside each other now fit into 16MB flash memory.

What's new in 7.13.5 (2024-Feb-16 19:35):

*) bridge - fixed MLAG connection after peer-link flap (introduced in v7.13);
*) bridge - fixed packet forwarding after changing HW offloaded bridge interface settings in certain cases (introduced in v7.13);
*) dns - do not close connection with DoH server after query execution (introduced in v7.13.3);
*) leds - fixed modem signal strength for RBSXTR&R11e-LTE (introduced in v7.13);
*) sms - increased SMS read timeout;
*) wifi-qcom - improved memory allocating process;
*) wifi-qcom - improved regulatory compliance for L11, L22 devices;
*) wifi-qcom - improved system stability for L11, L22 devices;

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