Fortinet NSE 2 – Ders 9(Secure Email Gateway) Cevaplar

Soru 1: What are three benefits of FortiMail? (Choose three.)

FortiMail identifies spam and phishing emails.
FortiMail integrates with FortiSandbox to identify advanced threats.
FortiMail provides caching and video stream splitting.
FortiMail filters outgoing traffic to protect valuable data.

Soru 2: What are two benefits of FortiMail integration? (Choose two.)

FortiMail does not need to be continually updated.
FortiMail can be integrated with edge firewalls.
FortiMail can be integrated with segmentation firewalls.
FortiMail does not need to be centrally managed.

Soru 3: What are two characteristics of FortiMail? (Choose two.)

FortiMail is a next-generation firewall (NGFW).
FortiMail is a sandboxing solution.
FortiMail integrates with firewalls and sandboxing solutions.
FortiMail is a secure email gateway (SEG).

Soru 4: Which feature can be added to secure email gateway?

Data leak prevention (DLP)
Data storage processing (DSP)
Data level protection (DLP)
Distributed leak prevention (DLP)

Soru 5: For which two reasons do you need to deploy Sender Policy Framework (SPF)? (Choose two.)

SPF is able to stop unknown threats; firewalls cannot.
SPF secures the network by strengthening the authentication method.
SPF scans only the network traffic, and it became a standard in 2014.
SPF is an email authentication method that detects fake sender addresses and emails.

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