Fortinet NSE 2 – Ders 6(Firewall) Cevaplar

Soru 1: What is Fortinet’s range of next-generation firewall devices called? 


Soru 2: What works closely with FortiGate next-generation firewall products to provide the highest level of network security?

NSS Labs
FortiGuard Labs

Soru 3: What three key, additional security features do next-generation firewalls provide, that legacy firewalls do not? (Choose three.)

Web application firewall
Application visibility and control
Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
Packet-filtering based on IP address

Soru 4: With the explosion of the World Wide Web, the composition of network protocols skewed heavily towards HTTP. What challenge did this shift pose to legacy firewalls?

Firewalls did not have visibility into HTTP ports.
HTTP request methods were too complex and diverse.
Different web applications used the same HTTP port number, making it difficult for firewalls to distinguish between applications.
HTTP was an application layer protocol that relied heavily on TCP.

Soru 5: What additional functionality did second generation firewalls provide that early packet filter firewalls did not?

They observed network connections over time and continuously examined conversations between endpoints.
They examined packet headers to detect if the packet contained viruses.
They looked up the IP address of the sender to determine if the source was on a suspect network.
They were stateless firewalls that allowed rogue packets that did not belong to an existing connection to pass through the firewall.

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