Linkedin PHP Assessment Cevapları

Soru 1: What is the best way to explain what this script does?

if (!$_SESSION['myusername'])
    header('locaton: /login.php');
  • This script times out the session for myusername.
  • This script is on a page that requires the user to be logged in. It checks to see if the user has a valid session.
  • Cookies are starting to be stored as a result of this script.
  • This script validates the username and password.

Soru 2: Which operator would you use to find the remainder after division?

  • /
  • %
  • //
  • DIV

Soru 3: What is the purpose of adding a lowercase “u” as a modifier after the final delimiter in a Perl-compatible regular expression?

  • It makes the dot metacharacter match anything, including newline characters.
  • It makes the pattern match uppercase letters.
  • It inverts the greediness of the quantifiers in the pattern so they are not greedy by default.
  • Both the pattern and subject string are treated as UTF-8.

Soru 4: What is the value of $total in this calculation?

$total = 2 + 5 * 20 - 6 / 3
  • 44
  • 138
  • 126
  • 100

Soru 5: Which value equates to true?

  • 0
  • NULL
  • -1

Soru 6: What is a key difference between GET and POST?

  • GET is used with the HTTP protocol. POST is used with HTTPS.
  • GET displays the submitted data as part of the URL. During POST, this information is not shown, as it’s encoded in the request body.
  • GET is intended for changing the server state and it carries more data than POST.
  • GET is more secure than POST and should be used for sensitive information.

Soru 7: Which are valid PHP error handling keywords?

  • try, throw, catch, callable
  • try, throw, catch, finally
  • try, yield, catch, finally
  • yield, throw, catch, finally

Soru 8: The _ operator is useful for sorting operations. It compares two values and returns an integer less than, equal to, or greater than 0 depending on whether on whether the value on the ___is less than, equal to, or greater than the other.

  • greater-than; right
  • equality; right
  • spaceship; left
  • comparison; left

Soru 9: In the following script, which line(s) will cause an error(s)?

       $count = 0
       $_xval = 5
       $_yval = 1.0
       $some_string = "Hello there!";
       $some_string = "How are you?";
       $will i work = 6;
       $3blindmice = 3;
  • Line 6 will cause an error because you can’t reassign a new value to a variable that has already been set.
  • Line 5 will cause an error because some_string should be someString.
  • Line 3 and 4 will cause an error because a variable cannot start with an underscore(_).
  • Line 7 and 8 will cause an error. Line 7 has whitespace in $will i work and should be $will_i_work. Line 8 cannot start with a number befcause it is a variable.

Soru 10: What does this script do?

$email = filter_input(INPUT_POST, 'email', FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL);
if ($email === false) {
  $emailErr = "Please re-enter valid email";
  • It makes sure the email address is a good and functioning address
  • It makes an email safe to input into a database
  • It assigns an email to a variable and then removes all illegal characters from the $email variable
  • It verifies that an email address is well formed.

Soru 11: Which code snippet uses the correct syntax for creating an instance of the Pet class?

  • $dog = new Pet;
  • $horse = (new Pet);
  • $cat = new Pet();
  • All of these answers

Soru 12: Which is the correct format for adding a comment to a PHP script?

  • #This is a comment
  • /* This is a comment /*
  • // This is a comment
  • All of these answers

Soru 13: What is missing from this code, which is supposed to create a test cookies?

1 $string_name = " testcookie";
2 $string_value = "This is a test cookie";
3 $expiry_info = info()+259200;
4 $string_domain = "localhost.localdomain";
  • The $_REQUEST is missing.
  • The call to setcookie() is missing.
  • The $_COOKIES array is missing.
  • The cookie session is missing.

Soru 14: All variables in PHP start with which symbol?

  • &
  • %
  • _
  • $

Soru 15: In a conditional statement, you want to execute the code only if both value are true. Which comparison operator should you use?

  • ||
  • &&
  • &
  • <=>

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