Linkedin Microsoft Word Assessment Cevapları

Soru 1: To protect a document from accidental changes, which option should you select from the Protect Document (Windows) or Protect (Mac) menu?

  • Mark as Final
  • Always Open Read-Only
  • Add a Digital Signature
  • Encrypt with Password

Soru 2: Which feature allows you to copy attributes of selected text and apply them to another selection?

  • Merge Formatting command
  • Copy and Paste Styles command
  • Copy and Paste Attributes command
  • Format Painter tool

Soru 3: How do you insert the content of an existing Word document into your current Word document?

  • Click Layout > Text > Text from File.
  • Click Insert > Text > Building Blocks Organizer.
  • Click Insert > Text > Text from File.
  • Click Insert > Media

Soru 4: You are finalizing a two-page memo. Rather than having Word decide where page 1 ends, you want the next paragraph to begin on the top of page 2. How do you achieve this?

  • Change the bottom margin to your current location.
  • Insert a page break.
  • Press Shift + Enter (Shift + Return).
  • Insert a column break.

Soru 5: You want to set a wider inside margin to accommodate binding a document where pages are printed in both sides. Which option should you choose in the Page Setup dialog box

  • Book Fold
  • Different Odd & Even Pages
  • Mirror Margins
  • Landscape

Soru 6: Which feature lets you place a ghosted logo or text behind the regular text on your document?

  • Background
  • Watermark
  • Imagemark
  • Overlay

Soru 7: Where do you select the paper size for a document?

  • Layout > Size.
  • Design > Size.
  • File > Page Setup.
  • Layout > Margins.

Soru 8: Which option lets you mark your favourite templates for quick reuse in the future?

  • Pin to list.
  • Add to chooser.
  • Drag to Home tab.
  • Mark as favourite.

Soru 9: If you want to add a caption to a table, where should you look?

  • Insert tab.
  • Design tab.
  • References tab.
  • Layout tab.

Soru 10: How can you change the appearance of an entire table in a single step?

  • Apply a table style.
  • Apply a graphic style.
  • Right-click a table and choose a new style.
  • Apply a cell style.

Soru 11: Which option does the Find and Replace feature NOT support?

  • Whole Word Only.
  • Replace All.
  • Match Case.
  • Check Spelling.

Soru 12: Which statement best describes how a bookmark is used in a Word document?

  • A bookmark is a hyperlink where the label is automatically generated.
  • A bookmark works in conjuction with hyperlinks to allow you to quickly jump to a specific location in your document.
  • A bookmark is a link in your document that can goive you quick access to webpages, files and other locations within your document.
  • A bookmark is a color-coded graphic that appears in the navigation pane for easy access to a specific location in your document.

Soru 13: What is NOT an option when inviting a colleague to collaborate on a document?

  • including a personalized message
  • giving the collaborator the option to edit a document
  • setting the collaborator’s access to view only
  • granting administrator access

Soru 14: You split a document into three sections. What happens if you change the margins in the first section?

  • The document reverts back to a single section with the new margin settings.
  • The new margin settings are applied to all of the sections.
  • The new margin settings are applied to the second and third sections.
  • The new margin settings are applied to just the first section.

Soru 15: Which ribbon tab includes commands to add various types of objects or media to your document?

  • Design
  • File
  • Layout
  • Insert

Soru 16: What type of page is useful at the front of a large document, to identify the document title, author, and other metadata?

  • cover page
  • blank page
  • master page
  • table of contents page

Soru 17: What happens in this SmartArt object when you press the Delete key?

  • The boxes resize to maintain the same overall height.
  • The object is deleted and a hole is left behind.
  • The text merges with the second box.
  • The gaps between the boxes close and the boxes remain the same size.

Soru 18: Which command builds an overview of document contents based on applied headings styles?

  • Manage Sources
  • Cross-Reference
  • Insert Index
  • Table of Contents

Soru 19: Which statistic does the Word Count feature NOT collect?

  • page breaks
  • lines
  • paragraphs
  • characters (no spaces)

Soru 20: What is the default view when you open a document or create a new document?

  • Print Layout view
  • Draft view
  • Edit view
  • Web Layout view

Soru 21: You are working on a local copy of a document when Word unexpectedly closes. After you relaunch Word, how can you find the most recently saved version of the document?

  • Click Open > Recent and select Recover Unsaved Documents.
  • Click File > Options > Recover Unsaved Documents.
  • Click File > Open > Recent > Documents.
  • Click File > Recent > Recover Unsaved Documents.

Soru 22: What can you NOT insert into a Word document from the Insert tab?

  • a sketch
  • a symbol
  • a 3D model
  • an equation

Soru 23: What Microsoft Word feature lets you capture a portion of your screen to be used as an image in your document?

  • Screen Clipping
  • Screen Grab
  • Screen Capture
  • none of these answers

Soru 24: You want to create a shortcut that replaces an acronym that you type with the acronym’s full text-for example, replacing "/mt" with "Microsoft Teams". What Word feature do you use to create this shortcut?

  • Replace All
  • AutoFormat As You Type
  • Find and Replace
  • AutoCorrect Options

Soru 25: Your document contains two columns of content with a vertical line between the columns, as shown. From where can you delete the line?

  • Insert > Text
  • Columns dialog box
  • Insert > Line > Vertical
  • Insert > Line > Remove

Soru 26: How can you quickly move an insertion point to the start of the previous paragraph?

  • Ctrl + Page Up
  • Ctrl + Up Arrow
  • Alt + Ctrl + Up Arrow
  • Alt + Ctrl + Page Up

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