Job Control to Background And Foreground Command In Bash

Appending an & (ampersand) to any command run within bash will
background the process.

for count in $(seq 1 10); do
    sleep 10m &
[1] 17
[2] 18
[3] 19
[4] 20
[5] 21
[6] 22
[7] 23
[8] 24
[9] 25
[10] 26

Will background 10 processes which will simply sleep for 10 minutes. Bash will return a table of job ids and their PIDs.

To list a table which shows all background processes use the built-in
jobs command.

$ jobs -l
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You can also use ps to list the background processes by requesting the
processes which have the parent pid of your current bash shell.

$ ps -O user --ppid $$
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By using ps we can refer to important information on the processes.

To connect to one of the background processes, use fg and the job id

fg 5
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To put job 5 back into the background you first have to suspend the
process by using ^Z (Control-Z) and then running bg specifying the job

$ fg 5
sleep 10m
[11]+  Stopped                 sleep 10m
$ bg 5
[11]+ sleep 10m &

To put fg, bg and ^Z to practical use, lets say you were copying a large
directory which was going to take a long time though you wanted to
regain control of your current shell.

Suspend the current command using ^Z.

$ cp -a /opt/backups/files/hourly.0 /opt/restore
[1]+  Stopped                 cp -a /opt/backups/files/hourly.0 /opt/restore

Background the task with bg referring to the job id in the table.

$ bg 5
[1]+ cp -a /opt/backups/files/hourly.0 /opt/restore &

Confirm the process is running with ps.

$ ps -O user --ppid $$
45 mertcan     D tty1   00:00:16 cp -a /opt/backups/files/hourly.0 /opt/restore

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