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DevOps Günlüklerim #4

Bu hafta bir birinden önemli, oldukça faydalı araçları ve yazılımları listeme aldım. Genel olarak tarayıcılar, güvenlik araçları, sanallaştırma amacıyla kullanılacak yardımcı araçları tanıtacağım.

  • PcapXray To visualize a Packet Capture offline as a Network Diagram including device identification, highlight important communication and file extraction

  • MSDAT: Microsoft SQL Database Attacking Tool

  • Raptor is a web-based (web-serivce + UI) github centric source-vulnerability scanner i.e. it scans a repository with just the github repo url. You can setup webhooks to ensure automated scans every-time you commit or merge a pull request.

  • SpecuCheck is a Windows utility for checking the state of the software mitigations against CVE-2017-5754 (Meltdown) and hardware mitigations against CVE-2017-5715 (Spectre)

  • VulnWhisperer is a vulnerability data and report aggregator. VulnWhisperer will pull all the reports and create a file with a unique filename which is then fed into logstash.

  • A VPN Designed for Lossy Links, with Build-in Forward Error Correction(FEC) Support. Improves your Network Quality on a High-latency Lossy Link.

  • This tool is designed, developed and supported by evait security. In order to give something back to the security community, we publish our internally used and developed, state of the art network visualization and organization tool, 'envizon'. We hope your feedback will help to improve and hone it even further.

  • The Baidu File System (BFS) is a distributed file system designed to support real-time applications. Like many other distributed file systems, BFS is highly fault-tolerant.

  • Rock solid distributed database specializing in active/active automatic failover and WAN replication

  • Running OpenStack Compute APIs in nginx and uWSGI

  • DC/OS (the datacenter operating system) is an open-source, distributed operating system based on the Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel.

  • Otto was created to provide a high-level abstraction to both develop and deploy applications.

  • WebTorrent is a streaming torrent client for the web browser and the desktop.

  • A hands-on introductory book on the art of modern application and infrastructure monitoring and metrics.